Everyone needs a Nixon Watch.

December 15 2017, 0 Comments

Everyone needs a Nixon Watch.

Here’s why?

So what makes Nixon Watches so great?

Nixon started as a little boutique watchmaker in 1997 in California. The company was Chad DiNenna, a former advertising manager at TransWorld Media and Andy Laats, a friend of DiNenna’s who had left Burton Snowboards. Nixon came into life after DiNenna informed his friend that ‘watches’ would be the next big thing, and after Laats discovered that he simply couldn’t find a watch that fit an active surfing lifestyle but was stylish for a night out. And that was the creative spark that gave the Nixon brand its unique selling point. 

After raising money, with Laats at the helm and DiNenna as co-founder they started out selling just seven watch styles and this has now grown to over 90 models as well as selling surfing, snowboarding and skateboarding accessories. Today, Nixon is currently valued at around £400 million, and the go to brand for people who live active lives. 

So what makes Nixon so on-point? Their timepieces are known for astounding quality, which means a Nixon Watch will keep going for a considerable length of time, no matter what you’ll put it through. And its just not the durability of a Nixon watch that should draw you to its attention, it’s the style, just look at them. These watches tell me people you are ‘on it’ and life has no boundaries. 

So why go for the same old, same old? Nixon Watches are precisely what you need. It’s a proper melding of sportiness, fashion and contemporary style that other popular brands haven’t been able to duplicate quite to the same effect. They specialise in watches that bridge the gap between dress and sport, with a leaning to active lifestyle. So which one should you go for?

These Swiss-made hidden gems offer fantastic value, look awesome and have a unique wow factor that no other watch brand has come close to. See our range here: http://www.shopontime.co.uk/search.php?txtSearch=nixon&btnSearch.x=0&btnSearch.y=0